Family law is a speciality of civil law which is one of the most particular and sensitive areas of civil law, not only because of the sensitivity of its content but also because it often involves minors and their future.

Asgard Abogados & Asesores has extensive experience in advising on family law with a highly specialised team that is used to dealing with all kinds of situations, some of them very complex, related to gender violence. Our team of lawyers pay special attention to the fragility of this type of client and their advice includes a very close relationship.

Our advice always includes a prior orientation consultation to clarify the legal path to be taken and, in many cases, to reassure the client.

Asgard Abogados & Asesores provides full assistance in:


1.- Matters deriving from the celebration of the marriage and prior to it. Our firm advises on the granting of contracts where the future spouses will stipulate the matrimonial property regime governing their property relations and prenuptial agreements or protocols.

We also provide advice in the case of international marriages, providing legal assistance on their effects and processing the necessary administrative procedures.

2.- Matters deriving from the breakdown of the marriage bond.

Since its incorporation, Asgard Abogados & Asesores has been advising on all the problems derived from the breakdown of the marriage bond and all its effects, both personal and patrimonial. (i) Nullities in civil proceedings
(ii) Divorces, both consensual and contentious.
(iii) Application for and adoption of provisional and/or provisional and definitive measures.
(iv) Negotiation, in or out of court, of alimony and maintenance payments.
(v) Negotiation, in or out of court, of guardianship and custody of minor children.
(vi) Negotiation, in or out of court, of visiting arrangements.
(vii) Negotiation of the allocation of the family home.
(vii) Negotiation, in or out of court, of the modification of provisional or definitive measures.
(vii) Judicial or extrajudicial liquidation of the matrimonial property regime, whether it be community or profit sharing or readjustments between estates in the case of separation of property.


In general, Asgard Abogados y Asesores and its Inheritance Law team advises its clients from the very beginning, i.e. from the moment the death occurs. Firstly, through a system of prior guidance consultations, taking care of all the administrative procedures beforehand, advising on the preparation of the notarial act of declaration of intestate heirs if necessary in the absence of a will, taking care of the drafting of the corresponding partitional notebook as well as the procedures before the Property, Commercial and Patent and Trademark Registries. Comprehensive advice includes all tax implications: preparation and settlement of Inheritance Tax and Urban Land Value Increase Tax.