Criminal Law

Traffic accidents, drink-driving, disobedience, refusal of assistance and all offences against traffic safety.

-Assistance to detainees in Police Stations and Duty Courts (all over Spain).

-Claims for compensation.

Domestic violence, ill-treatment and aggression.

-Drugs and all crimes against public health.

-Complaints and lawsuits.

-Judicial proceedings: speedy trial, abbreviated procedure, summary and jury.

-Assistance to detainees: misdemeanour trials. “Habeas corpus.

-Prison treatment: classification, sanctions, leave. Third degree.

-Injuries, homicides and murders.

-Economic crimes, robbery, swindling, theft, misappropriation.

-Sexual abuse.

-Coercion, threats, harassment, insults and slander.

-Documentary falsehoods, false testimony.

-Proceedings against minors. Breach of sentence.

-Appeals, cassation and amparo. Misdemeanour trials.

-Crimes of abandonment of family and minors.

-Criminal defence in all types of accidents.

Fast-track trials.

-Punishable insolvency. Fraud against creditors.

-Communications and Visits. Exit permits.

-Third Degree, Conditional Release, Pardon or Change of Prison.